SEO is the key to get lot of organic traffic to your website. It is the process of improving th visibility of a blog or a website in the search engines. In other words, getting higher ranked on the search results page. When ever you post your content on the website it get crawled by search engine bots and it is indexed in the search engine,but indexing a page is not difficult these days easily every page is index with any optimization,the only problem new publisher face is that they think indexing a page will bring traffic for them,you will only get traffic from search engine if you site is ranking in the top 10 search results and that’s what we call Search Engine Optimization.

       1.What does Search Engine Optimization Means?

Search engine optimization means to get your website index in top search engine i.e Google,Yahoo,Bing and etc.Google have 52% share in the search engine market while other have the rest.Search engine optimization does not mean to just index website its job is to make the website top in the ranking.Most of the tycoons invest a lot for the betterment of the website’s S.E.O but if you work little hard on your content you could get the same result free of cost.Just try to post on daily basis,never get tired try to publish at least one post per day,by doing this search engine bots will crawl your website more and due to the increase in crawling your site will ranking well in Search engine results.

      2.Our Main Job is to Get index well in Google

It is important to get your website/blog better in Google if you do so automatically other search engine will rank you high because Google has 52% share in the market so every search engine follows what Google do.Getting high rank in Google search is not very difficult but it is  very technical a little mistake could get your website/blog down in the ranking.Google genrally believe in unique content and this is the biggest secrete behind the success of many professional websites.

       3.Content is the main secrets to improve SEO

If you don’t have content no matter how much you spend money in SEO it’s useless its better to post quality content.If your website don’t have the Quality Content the site is worthless so keep in your mind Google loves fresh content,try to post 2 to 3 posts per day to get a boost not only in your  SEO but also in traffic.Remember content is the main thing in SEO

      4.Backlinks: Brief intro

Backlinks basically represents your websites quality,it means in how much website your URL is linked,when ever your drop your website URL on other website it will consider as a Backlink but Backlinks are of two types which are associated with ‘rel=nofollow’ and ‘rel=dofollow’ attributions.

‘rel=nofollow’:Is a type of command which is only for Search engine bots if you website URL is associated with ‘rel=nofollow’ then it will be consider as a Backlink but it will indicate SEO Bots that the link which is linked here is not recommended to be followed.

‘rel=dofollow’:It is totally opposite to ‘rel=nofollow’ when every your website got linked with ‘rel=dofollow’ it will indicate SEO Bots that the link which is linked here is recommended to be followed.

So if you want your website/blog rank well in Search engine specially in Google you have to follow these steps remember these steps are only start the Basics. BloggerDevelopers will guide you from basics to professional techniques remember we are also applying the same techniques on this blog.till then peace,blessings and happy optimizing.