Yahoo and Bing are the one of the best search engines. Getting Traffic fro Google is not enough we have to also improve our ranking in Yahoo and Bing so that we can get target US traffic which let us to earn more money. Yahoo integrated its Webmaster Tools with Bing so when we submit our sitemap to Bing Webmaster Tools then it automatically get indexed in Yahoo Search Engine. So like as Google Webmaster Tools we have to submit our blog’s sitemap to Bing Webmaster Tools and Submit our blog posts links. So lets start submitting your blog sitemap to Bing and Yahoo.

Submit Blog Sitemap to Bing and Yahoo:

You just need to submit your blog sitemap to Bing and it will automatically submit to Yahoo.

    1. Go to Bing Webmaster Tools and log in with your Hotmail or Windows Live Account.


    1. Add your blog URL and click on Add button at the top of the page.



    1. Now copy the below code and paste into Add a Sitemap field on next page.


    1. Click on Add Button.

  1. Now you need to verify your blog ownership by adding Meta tag in your blog template.

    1. Copy the meta tag and perform below steps:


      • Go to Blogger > Template
      • Find <head> and paste meta tag just below it:
      • Save the template
      • You are done!
    1. Now go back to your Bing Webmaster Tools page and click on Verify button.


    1. If you have more than 500 published posts in your blog, then you must need to add more sitemaps. Go to your site dashboard in Bing Webmaster Tools and submit below sitemaps there.


For Posts between 501 – 1000

For Posts between 1001 – 1500

Now you have successfully added your blog sitemap. It can take few days, usually 3 days, to get index your blog posts.

Now your blog is ready to gain organic traffic from Bing and Yahoo. Congrats 🙂
Now let see what we have to do to improve our blog’s indexing rate in Bing and Yahoo.

    How to increase Indexing in Bing and Yahoo Search Engines?

It might been happens that after submitting sitemap, our blog posts not get index on time in these two search engines. In that case we need to ping the Bing and Yahoo to notify them about our newly added content so that our posts get indexed as soon as possible. Let see how to do it.

Perform below steps:

    1. From the below Links, replace with your blog URL.


    1. Now copy below links one by one and paste into your browser address bar and press enter.


    1. You’ll get a message “Thanks for submitting your sitemap” that means you have successfully pinged Bing. Cheers!


LINK#1 For Posts between 1-500

LINK#2 For Posts between 5001-1000

LINK#3 For Posts between 1001-1500

This is enough to start indexing of your blog posts in both the search engines. But I have noticed that our blog posts not get indexed on time and even not indexed many times.

That’s the reason why bloggers fail to gain traffic from Bing and Yahoo search engines. To overcome this problem, we have a great feature in our Webmaster Tools account. When we publish a new post in our blog, we can submit the URL of that post to in our account. Adding link manually gives us 100% result of indexing the posts on time. Let see how to submit the links.

  How To Submit Links in Bing Webmaster Tools?

Perform below steps:

    1. Go to My sites page in your Bing Webmaster Tools account.


    1. Choose your site.


    1. Click on Configure My Site and choose Submit URLs.


    1. Now add your blog post URL in the Submit URLs box and press Submit button.


     We can only submit 10 links in a single day and 50 links in a month.

  1. That’s it!

  Final Words!

I hope it will helps you in getting traffic from Yahoo and Bing. I put my efforts to make this post understandable so you can perform it easily. Share this post with others so that they can also get traffic from Bing and Yahoo. Don’t forget to share your views through comments till then Peace, Blessings and Happy Submitting.