Email Subscribers plays an important role in driving traffic to your blog/website. They visit your site on regular basic whenever they got email for your incoming posts. Having so many Email subscribers is really a blogger’s dream and it is really a difficult task. Site having more email subscribers attracts advertisers to advertise on your blog. Many direct advertising companies like BuySellAds take email subscribers a great factor to approve the blog into their program. So today I will tell you how you can increase your email subscribers in a short time.

       Be Original and Unique In Content:

This is the most important point that provide a solid reason to readers to subscribe your blog. No trick and method works for you if you don’t have such aritlces which provide a good reason to readers to visit your blog again. So always write the blog posts that are unique, informative and properly optimize with atleast of 300 words but it is highly beneficial if you write blog post above 500 words that liked by search engines too.

Never to worry much about SEO because it is only your readers that are reading your content and engage with a relationship with you, so give first preference to your readers and maintain your blog according to the taste of your audience and give second preference to SEO. Some SEO tactics like keyword stuffing, improper use of heading tags makes the article unreadable to users and become usable only for search engines.

Ensure following points after completion of article-

  1. Attach images wherever necessary to clarify instantly about the article.
  2. Write blog post in short paragraph.
  3. Blog Post Title should be attractive.
  4. Include videos in articles.
  5. Pickup a new and effective writing style.
  6. Make a habit to use <b> (Bold Tag ), <li> ( List Tag), <table> (Table Tag) and <abbr> (Abbreviation Tag).

        Placement Of Subscription Widget:

Widget placement should be so chosen that it get instant attension from readers. Best position is in top sidebar or sometime you could place this widget in bottom part of the post. Its color should be dark enough in comarison to actual blog theme. Look out some BD subscription widget-

          Complete Subscription Process:

This thing annoying me somewhat because more than half of the reader haven’t fully complete the subscription process. Let me explain briefly, when any reader type his/her email address in subscription text box, he/she will recieve a verification email in their inbox which they have to verify to become your blog subscriber. Most people just ignored this email and they left to become your susbscrier. You can tell them manually to verify the email adress for this

  1. Go to Feedburner dashboard and click on your blog title.
  2. Under Analysis option, choose Subscribers.
  3. Scroll down the page and click Feedburner Email Subscriptions and chooseManage Your Subscriber List.





  1. You will see a list contain your subscribers email now note down all those email which have incomplete verification process. Prepare a polite message about to complete verification process and send it to all unverified subscriber. I know that it is time consuming process but you would get a instant change in your subscriber list.

         Drive Organic Traffic:

The traffic reaches to blog through search engines is called Organic traffic or generally called new visitors. They are always interested to follow your blog if they find some great works on your blog. So how to attract organic visitors ? The answer of this question is behind SEO, you have to apply some sort of white hat SEO techniques that are liked by search engines but these techniques should not disturb your sentence formation.

          Final Words:

So that’s the tips to increase your email subscribers. I hope this will helps you in building a huge list of your blog’s subscribers. Don’t forget to write your views in comments till then Peace, Blessings and Happy Subscribing!