When I first start my blog I used blogger default templates and i think everyone use them in beginning. But after some days i feel that they are not so much attractive and professional – looking then i upgrade my template to a custom made template. We all know that default blogger templates are very old and they were not updated even a single time. A SEO friendly blogger template is necessary for a blog to get traffic and to rank higher in search engines. We have to upgrade our template to any third party template. So today i am telling how you can change your blogger template.

Changing Blogger Template:

First Download a third party template from internet which you want to apply to your blog. You can find many blogger templates on the internet just go to Google and Search “Blogger Templates“. When you find your template follow below steps to apply the template
    1. Log in to your Blogger account.
    1. Now click on the drop down menu and choose Template.

    1. Press Backup/Restore button located at the top right corner.

    1. First you should download your existing template as a backup. So, click on “Download full template” button.

    1. Now click on Choose File button and choose your new template which you want to apply to your blog.
    1. Once you select your template, simply click on Upload button for final step.
  1. You are done!

Final Words!

Now you learn how to change blogger template. Please share your opinion in comments or if you feel any difficulty let me know in comments till then Peace, Blessings and Happy Blogging.