We all customize our blog template by spending lot of time and doing lot of hard work to make it attractive and SEO friendly but sometimes when we were doing changes to our template it crashed or something went wrong, We tried to correct it but cant. To prevent from this situation we simply do a backup of our blog template and save it anywhere on our hard disk drive. Then if our blog template messed up while customizing we can restore it easily. It also save your hard work and time you spend in customizing your template. Now I think you understand the importance of backup before doing any changes so lets see how to do it.

Note: Always make a habit of backup your blog template if you are planning to do editing in your blog template.


  •   Backup Blogger Template:


    1. Open your blogger dashboard.
    2. Point to your blog menu and select template.


  1. Press Backup/Restore button located at the top right corner.
  2. Click “Download full template” button.
  3. Done!

Now you have successfully store a template backup in your PC. Keep it in a safe place where you remembered it. So that, when required you restore it without any headache. Now, let see how to restore a template.

  •   Restore Blogger Template:

Restoring a blogger template is also as easy as backing up. Let see how to do it.

    1. Repeat step #1 to #3 that you do while backing up your template.
    2. Click on Choose File button.
    3. Select your backup template from the location where you keep it.
      Tip: It will be an .XML file


  1. Now simply press the Upload button and you have done.

You see how easy this to restore blog template in a single click.

  •   Final Words:
So thats the tutorial for newbies to backup the blog template. I hope you cn understand this. Please write your review about this post in the comment box till then Peace, Blessings and Happy Backuping.