Getting more facebook likes is the goal of a blogger because he wants to get a lot of traffic, and the more fan page likes means the more traffic. Through Facebook Like to Download Widget we can easily force our visitors to like our fan page because the file he want to download can only be unlocked after liking our fanpage. So through this widget we can get a lot of fan page likes. This widget is just amazing, when i first saw it attracts me like a bee to honey. So lets start rolling your fingers on the tutorial.

But before we get started, I know you would love to preview the widget so go ahead and  give it a try.
Note: If you have already like the page then First Unlike and then again like to test the widget.

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What is Facebook Like to Download:

This widget is created to give you more facebook Fanpage likes in seconds. This widget purely works on PHP and provides downloading links of a certain file, when someone likes your Fan page. Following are some of its glimpse features.

  • Allows you to boost your Facebook Likes no matter whether it’s your Page or certain Facebook Post link.
  • Easy to use, SEO optimized while no compromise on Speed.
  • Build with PHP, supports each and every browser i.e. Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet explore, and etc.
  • Easy to optimize, could be implemented on Blogger or any other HTML page in minutes.


Inserting Facebook Like to Download in Blogger:

We can insert this widget in posts by simply adding the HTML code below:

  •  Go to Blogger and create new Post.
  • Select HTML Tab and paste below HTML code.

<!– Start of BD Like to Download Embed Code –><div style=”width:520px;”><iframe src=”″ scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″ style=”border:none; overflow:hidden; width:520px; height:163.5px;” allowTransparency=”true”></iframe><p style=”text-align: center; font-size: 10px; margin-top: 0px;”>Powered by <a href=”” title=”Blogger Developers” target=”_blank”>Blogger Developers</a></p></div> <!– End of BD Like to Download Embed Code –>




  • Replace  with your Facebook Fan Page.
  • Replace  with the downloading link you want to attach to this widget.
  • Replace  520px  if you want to adjust the widget of this widget.
  • Replace  163  if you wish to change the height of your widget.


Remember: You have to do these editing in the HTML tab of your post editor

  • Now after customizing your widget, publish the post and that’s it.

From the Editor’s Desk:

I hope you can understand this widget but if you feel any difficulty please let me know in comments till then Peace, Blessings and Happy Liking.