We all know that Google is the best search engine because it has the finest techniques to collect quality content from all over the internet. Google owns more than 70% of the total share in the search engine market. Google is the best medium to get blog traffic and all bloggers and webmasters always try to impress Google. If we shows Google that our blog is full of unique and admirable contents we will get a lot of traffic and earn a lot of money.We can impress Google in many ways but today i will discuss about one of the best way to achieving trust from Google that is how we can get our blog listed in Dmoz (open source website directory).

Dmoz is an open source website directory, which has highly professional websites listed in it. The main reason behind getting our blog listed in Dmoz is that it gives all of our blog posts high rankings and our blog posts will be displayed in th top 10 Google search results.

         Why Google Loved DMOZ?:


Now all of us would be thinking why Google love DMOZ and its even not owned by Google. Google knows that it is very difficult to get listed in Dmoz because evry single submission is reviewed by human reviewers. When we submit our site to Dmoz it get reviewed by human reviewers till it get approved.So that the reason Google gives importance to the sites listed in Dmoz.

        Why it takes so Patience to get listed in DMOZ:

As I told before that every submission is reviewed by human reviewers in the od fashioned way. And DMOZ has few volunteers which makes this process really slow. The biggest disadvantage of having human reviewers is that it increase the chances of errors which is frustrating for publishers.

        Choose Correct Category For your Site:

Try to select the most accurate category before submitting your site to DMOZ. It is one of the biggest reason why your website listing gets delayed.

       Don’t submit your site again and again:

Do not submit your site again and again to DMOZ because It annoyed the volunteer. Wait few months after submitting your site to get desirable results.

        Avoid copying others Content:

If your site violates DMCA copyright law or copied from somewhere else then your site will never get approved by DMOZ.

Try to get decent traffic and publish unique contents before submitting.

       Looking For Active Category Editor:

If you were able to choose the correct catgory for your site,  but if there is no active volunteer available for that category then you have to wait a long time. When watching any catgory you noticed the text saying Last Updte: {Day, Month, Date, Year, Time}. If your selected category was not updated from couple of years means that the editor is not active there.

In this case you have to choose in between two options. One to select another category which is updated reguarly or second is to apply for editor for that category.

          Get the domain already listed:

The pretty childish and smartest technique to get listed in DMOZ is to buy the expired domain which is already listed in DMOZ. Sounds Good 🙂

         Don’t pay To get listed:

Paying for editor for listening your site is against DMOZ rules and regulations. So forget it!


You should keep these tips in mind before submitting your site to DMOZ. We will soon publish how you can become an Editor at DMOZ to guarantee your website listing till then Peace, Blessings and Happy listing.